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Cradlepoint AER2200
Cloud-Managed Networking for the Modern Branch

Cradlepoint AER2200

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Branch networks are undergoing dramatic change. Cloud applications and IoT devices demand direct Internet access while voice and video traffic is on the rise, and temporary sites, like retail kiosks and portable construction offices, are increasingly common—driving traditional enterprise WANs to their breaking point.


Cradlepoint’s Elastic EdgeSM vision provides a blueprint for next-generation Edge Networks that deliver pervasive broadband connectivity, cloud-like agility, and software extensibility—all while ensuring enterprise-class visibility, security, and control. All-in-one NetCloud Solution Packages for Branch Networks, based on Advanced Edge Routers (AER), are cloud-managed, and deployable anywhere in days, not months.

All-in-One Design

Purpose-built for small and medium branches, the AER Series replaces multiple “boxes” with a compact, cost-effective all-in-one branch solution. Each model supports multiple WAN connections, up to two 4G LTE dual-SIM modems, a multi-port Ethernet switch (some with PoE support), and 802.11ac WiFi with guest portal. Each solution is powered by Linux-based NetCloud OS software that provides advanced routing, SD-WAN, failover, and security functionality. Everything is configured, deployed, and managed in the cloud from a single pane of glass with NetCloud Manager.

Software-Defined Branch Networking

Cradlepoint's SD-WAN functionality is built into NetCloud OS and is optimized for primary and hybrid LTE connections. It combines application-based visibility, security, and control with dynamic, policy-based traffic steering and failover—and a zero-touch deployment capability for Day-1 Internet. Add one or more Cradlepoint AP22 WiFi Access Points and take advantage of integrated IoT Edge Computing and security features to create a complete software-defined branch solution that is flexible, extensible, and centrally managed.

Manage Everything From Anywhere

NetCloud Manager makes it easy to configure, deploy, and manage a distributed branch network from anywhere, allowing IT organizations to do more with less resources. Advanced analytics provide comprehensive visibility into branch applications, WAN, cellular, and LAN activity and utilization while in-band and Out-of-Band Management features enable remote troubleshooting across each site—increasing uptime and eliminating truck rolls.

Leading 4G LTE with Pathway to 5G

Cradlepoint is leading the wireless WAN revolution with 4G LTE network solutions capable of up to 600Mbps maximum download speed—and that’s just the beginning. With Gigabit LTE and 5G right around the corner, Cradlepoint is at the forefront of delivering the all-wireless, software-defined branch—with the performance necessary for today's business applications, and tomorrow's. If equipment closet installations make cellular coverage a challenge, the CBA Series LTE Bridge Adapter utilizes low-cost Ethernet wiring to extend 4G LTE connectivity anywhere within the branch and works with any router.

Unified Edge Security

With so much of today’s network traffic destined for cloud applications, video sites, and other Internet destinations, backhauling traffic to the data center is too slow and expensive. NetCloud OS has integrated Unified Threat Management (UTM) features that enable direct Internet access from the branch without compromising security. UTM features include app-based control, multi-zone firewall, IPS/IDS, web content filtering, and Zscaler Internet Security, as well as OpenDNS and SIEM integrations.

Comprehensive IoT Support

To accommodate the security, computing, and management requirements for branch IoT devices at the WAN edge, Cradlepoint’s branch solutions provide comprehensive IoT support. The NetCloud platform allows organizations to run Edge Computing applications right on the router. The NetCloud Perimeter feature uses Software-Defined Perimeter technology to instantly spin up secure and segmented device-to-cloud overlay networks, cloaking them from the Internet and protecting trusted networks. Everything is configured, deployed, and managed using NetCloud Manager.



  • 600M: LTE Advanced 600/75 Mbps DL/UL, FDD/TDD w/HSPA+ fallback (SIM-based, Auto-carrier Selection for all North American, European, and Asia Pacific carriers)
  • One embedded modem
  • One MC400 slot for 2nd modem
  • Dual SIM slot in each modem
  • Active GPS
  • 10 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports (WAN/LAN switchable)
  • WiFi as WAN
  • Smart WAN Selection
  • Multi-PDN
  • Failover/Failback
  • Load Balancing
  • Advance Modem Failure Check
  • WAN Port Speed Control
  • WAN/LAN Affinity
  • IP Passthrough
  • Standby
  • DynDNS
  • Auto QoS
  • QoS (DSCP and Priority Queuing)


  • 10 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports (WAN/LAN switchable); Supports four ports of PoE (1–4) for class I, II, III, or IV devices (default 30 W power budget, up to 120 W with accessory power supply)
  • LLDP support
  • VLAN 802.1Q
  • DHCP Server, Client, Relay
  • DNS and DNS Proxy
  • Split DNS
  • STP
  • Multicast/Multicast Proxy


  • Dual-Band Dual-Concurrent (2×2 2.4 GHz MU-MIMO and 4×4 5 GHz MU-MIMO)
  • 802.11 (a/b/g/n/ac) wave 2
  • Up to 248 connected devices (124 per channel – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
  • WPA/WPA2 Personal, WPA2 Enterprise (WiFi), WEP Auto
  • Hotspot/Captive Portal
  • SSID-based Priority
  • 802.11k – Radio Resource Management - Client load balancing
  • 802.11r – Fast Roaming
  • 802.11v – Wireless Network Management


  • Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager (NCM)
  • Real-time diagnostics/troubleshooting
  • Remote connect / OOBM
  • Secure remote cloud configuration
  • GeoView location services
  • Web UI, API, CLI
  • NetCloud Perimeter gateway support
  • Client and Traffic Visibility and Control
  • SDK support
  • GPS Location
  • Data Usage Alerts
  • Advanced Troubleshooting (support)
  • Device Alerts
  • SNMP
  • SMS contro
  • Console Port for OOBM


  • IPsec Tunnel – up to 20 concurrent sessions
  • IKEv2 support (includes MOBIKE)
  • OpenVPN (SSL VPN)
  • L2TP
  • GRE Tunnel
  • Route Filters (Access Control Lists, Prefix Filters, Route Maps, Communities for BGP)
  • Policy-based Routing
  • Per-Interface Routing
  • Static Routing
  • NAT
  • NAT-less Routing
  • WAN Affinity
  • Virtual Server/Port Forwarding
  • VTI Tunnel Support
  • IPv6
  • VRRP
  • STP
  • NHRP


  • RADIUS and TACACS+ support
  • 802.1x authentication for Wireless and Wired Networks
  • Zscaler Internet Security
  • Certificate support
  • Application-level gateways
  • MAC Address Filtering
  • CP Secure Threat Management
  • Advanced Security Mode (local user management only)
  • IP Filtering
  • Content Filtering
  • FIPS 140-2 Inside version available


Cradlepoint AER2200 Series Specifications
  • Embedded 600M LTE Advanced modem (with DC-HSPA+ failover)
  • MC400 slot for optional 2nd modem
  • 10 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports (cable/DSL/T1/satellite/Metro Ethernet; WAN/LAN switchable)
  • WiFi (as WAN; Metro WiFi) 2×2 MIMO 2.4 GHz and 4×4 MIMO 5 GHz (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)
  • Dual-band dual-concurrent WiFi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wave 2)
  • 10 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports (WAN/LAN switchable)
  • Serial console
  • 0 °C to 50 °C (32 °F to 122 °F) operating
  • -20 °C to 70 °C (-4 °F to 158 °F) storage
  • Redundant internal fans for reliable cooling
Humidity (non-condensing)
  • 10% to 85% operating
  • 55% to 90% storage
Memory 512 MB DRAM; 8 GB eMMC
  • 7.3 × 8.3 × 1.7 in (185 × 210 × 44 mm)
  • 1U height for rack mount
Weight 3 lb 5 oz (1.5 kg)
Certifiication FCC, WiFi Alliance, CE, IC, carrier certifications
WiFi Power (FCC)
  • 2402–2483.5 MHz (2.4 GHz band): 28.3 dBm conducted
  • 5150–5250 MHz (5 GHz band 1): 29.1 dBm conducted
  • 5725–5850 MHz (5 GHz band 3): 30.0 dBm conducted
  • Second integrated 4G LTE modem
    • MC400LP6 (North America or EU)
    • MC400LP5 (Asia Pacific or Saudi Arabia)
    • MC400LP4 (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Canada)
    • MC400LPE-VZ (Verizon)
    • MC400LPE-AT (AT&T)
    • MC400LPE-SP (Sprint)
    • MC400LPE-GN (generic – for use on T-Mobile in the U.S. and Rogers, Bell, & TELUS in Canada)
    • MC400LP3-EU (Europe)
  • 700 MHz–2700 MHz Wide Band Directional Antenna (Yagi/Log- Periodic) Part #: 170588-000
  • AER2200 high power supply for up to 4 ports of PoE+ .at (30W) power (120W PoE budget) (C14 line cord notincluded) Part #: 170751-000
  • AER2200, 54V 2.22A (60W PoE budget) power supply (C14 line cord not included) Part #: 170671-000
  • 12” Mag-Mount Antenna with SMA Male Connector (Part #: 170605-000)
  • 4” Mini Mag-Mount Antenna with SMA Male Connector (Part #: 170606-000)
  • 2.4/5 GHz Dual-band Dual-concurrent WiFi Antenna (Part #: 170628-000) (WiFi models only)
  • GPS Mag-Mount Antenna (Part #: 170652-000)
  • Multi-Band Omni-Directional Antenna (Part #: 170668-000)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Panel Patch (Part #: 170669-000)


Cradlepoint’s NetCloud

Cloud Networking for Branch Office, Retail, and More

Cradlepoint’s NetCloud platform includes an industryleading router operating system, an award-winning management platform optimized for cellular, and virtual private cloud networking. When combined with Cradlepoint routers, this integrated platform of flexible, extensible, and rapidly deployable applications enables an entirely new way to easily build, secure, control, and manage end-to-end private networks in the cloud.

NetCloud OS

Firewall, Advanced Routing-Optimized for LTE
NetCloud OS is the heart of our industry-leading LTE routers. Sustained commitment to new features and capabilities ensures your network is always up to date and secure.

NetCloud Manager

Quickly Deploy, Manage & Monitor Your Network
NetCloud Manager is a cloud management service that enables zero-touch deployment, remote management, alerting, and network analytics for all Cradlepoint routers.

NetCloud Engine

Software-Defined. Security-Driven. Cloud-Delivered.
NetCloud Engine leverages SoftwareDefined Networking (SDN) to instantly create secure Virtual Cloud Networks over more cost-effective wired and wireless broadband Internet services.

Security Applications

Enhance network security with best-in-class applications from Cradlepoint Technology Partners. Create, deploy, and manage network security applications at remote locations with the Cradlepoint NetCloud platform. Improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the security intelligence of your network.

Zscaler Internet SecurityZscaler Internet Security

Configured in minutes, best-inclass Zscaler Internet Security protects your organization from web-based threats.

CP Secure Threat ManagementCP Secure Threat Management

A comprehensive intrusion prevention and detection system (IPS/IDS) for full defense-in-depth.

AER Platform Extensibility
AER Platform Extensibility

Cradlepoint Extensibility enables customers and developers to build one-of-a-kind applications and vertical solutions by extending key elements of the Cradlepoint platform. By leveraging our hardware, firmware, and cloud services, developers can add differentiation and unique value to the solutions they offer.

Router SDK (Open Beta)
Build custom vertical applications securely running at the Edge, protected on device, and deployed through the cloud. Manage, deploy, and monitor customer Edge applications from the cloud across the entire fleet.

NetCloud API
Cradlepoint’s API provides the building blocks developers need to craft applications that access the data from a software platform.

Developer Community (Open Beta)
The Cradlepoint Developer Community enables members to leverage knowledge, share, and collaborate with other developers.

CradleCare Support:

CradleCare SupportFrom initial device deployment to long-term operations, Cradlepoint Global Support offers world-class resources and expertise to keep your network secure, simple and efficient. Cradlepoint offers multiple tiers of support to provide you exactly what you need.

With Cradlepoint Global Support and CradleCare, you can:

  • Maximize revenue through always-on uptime and response times
  • Save time with our web-based Connect Portal and Knowledge Base
  • Collaborate with our multi-certified technical team
  • Maintain PCI Compliance with up-to-date router and modem firmware

The following chart provides an overview of Cradlepoint's support and maintenance offerings:

Included with every Cradlepoint purchase CradleCare Basic CradleCare

Web-based Cradlepoint Connect Portal:

  • 24x7x365 access to our Knowledge Base and Firmware download library
  • 12x5 email support (for Enterprise Cloud Manager and NetCloud Gateway only)
  • Knowledge Base access
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Standard warranty with extended warranty options

Included +

  • Covers all products and services
  • 12x5 phone, email and chat support for Cradlepoint routers, ECM and NetCloud Gateway
  • Knowledge Base access
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Standard warranty with extended warranty options

CradleCare Basic +

  • 24x7 qualified phone support and 12x5 email/chat support for Cradlepoint routers, ECM and NetCloud Gateway
  • Advanced Exchange: Next business day replacement
  • Service level targets
  • Assigned Enterprise Support Engineer (for deployments of 50 routers or more)
  • Enterprise engineering resources for network design and best practices implementation
  • Priority consideration of future feature requests and beta trials
  • Knowledge Base access
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Extended Warranty for routers for the term of CradleCare license

Extended Warranties

Extended Warranties can be purchased in subsequent years, and as a follow-on warranty at the conclusion of the standard warranty period. No gap in coverage is allowed: the new warranty must be in place before the existing warranty expires.

Standard One-Year Warranty (With Extended Warranty Option) Includes:

  • Access to Cradlepoint Connect portal and Knowledge Base
  • Hardware repair/replacement with 3-5 day shipping
  • Software bug fixes
  • An option to extend your warranty to 2, 3, or 5 years at the conclusion of the standard warranty period*

*Hardware warranties cannot be extended beyond 5 years from the date of purchase.


Download the Cradlepoint AER Series Datasheet (.PDF)

Download the Cradlepoint AER2200 Spec Sheet (.PDF)

Pricing Note:

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