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Cradlepoint Solutions for Insurance
Reliable Network Applications for the Insurance Industry

Cradlepoint offers best-in-class wireless WAN solutions for the Insurance Industry. Whether you need solutions to do mobile claims or for branch office connectivity, Cradlepoint solutions offer high network availability anywhere, anytime.

Solutions for Insurance

Challenge: Staying connected after a disaster

Solution: 4G LTE mobile wireless networking

After a disaster, wireless data service providers utilize portable towers to restore connectivity quickly. On the other hand, wired networks can take weeks or months to be restored. WWAN solutions by Cradlepoint provide the non-stop Internet access needed to conduct business efficiently and cost-effectively when connectivity matters the most for your claims and adjustments.

Challenge: Reducing the high cost of keeping connected

Solution: Advanced Edge Routing for small & micro branch networks

Create instant branch networks when you can’t afford T1 connectivity, automatically, with low-cost solutions that are quickly and easily deployable for your business operations.