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Cradlepoint SD-WAN
Moving Beyond the Branch, and Beyond Wires

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What is Wireless WAN?

LTE networks are faster and more pervasive than ever before. With the arrival of 5G and flat-rate pricing, Wireless WAN is the next wave of network transformation — enabling connectivity to people, places, and things anywhere with greater simplicity, agility, and security.


Moving Technology Forward

Cellular wireless has always been ideal for business continuity and connecting critical assets in places wires can’t go, like vehicles, field forces, and remote kiosks. However, today’s LTE networks are more pervasive and getting faster with the deployment of Gigabit LTE and 5G. At the same time, flat-rate pricing is eliminating overage anxiety. These realities are ushering in the Wireless WAN era and giving rise to wireless becoming the preferred broadband connectivity for branches, stores, and other fixed sites — the last exclusive domain of wired networks. As cloud applications, mobility, and IoT devices continue to proliferate, the Wireless WAN enables a flexible and unified approach to connecting people, places, and things anywhere. It uniquely combines reach and reliability with greater simplicity, agility, and security — just what you want in the next wave of network transformation.

Moving Beyond the Branch, and Beyond Wires

WAN endpoints are growing dramatically as organizations connect beyond the branch and IoT devices continue to explode in number.

Enterprise loT

Kiosks, vending, digital signage, PLCs, cameras, sensors, etc.

100 x connections


Fleet vehicles, field forces, transit, command centers, pop-up sites, etc.

10 x connections

Fixed Sites

Branches, stores, remote offices, industrial plants, clinics, etc.

1 x connections



Wireless broadband provides a diverse and protected connection that avoids challenges like backhoes and falling trees. Further, with SD-WAN and QoS capabilities, organizations can precisely control network traffic while ensuring high availability.

Piada Italian Street Food uses Cradlepoint branch solutions that keep POS and other important applications performing optimally at all times.


Wireless WANs have integrated security capabilities beyond wired connections, including SIM card authentication and private APNs, which are carrier-provided private networks.

In addition to the inherent protections of cellular broadband, Cradlepoint branch solutions in Fuzzy’s Taco Shop eateries provide all-in-one network security that includes application-intelligent firewalls and IPS/IDS as well as advanced content filtering




With cloud-managed wireless edge solutions, LTE and 5G are simple to deploy and easy to relocate. Endpoints can be effortlessly moved to a new room or site without the pain and expense of pulling new outside cable.

PANDORA Jewerly used a Cradlepoint branch solution to meet a store’s opening-day deadline — and avoid more than $50,000 in lost sales — without waiting for a wired line.

How to Get Started with Wireless WAN

Wireless Edge Solutions with Cloud Control

NetCloud Service, delivered through purpose-built LTE and 5G wireless edge routers, is a complete software platform that enables your transition to a Wireless WAN. It’s delivered in an all-in-one subscription that aligns with your business needs.

Netcloud Service provides:

  • Network Services
  • Security Services
  • loT Services
  • Connection Management

Netcloud Services

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