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We’ve witnessed 4G LTE transform business models, companies, and entire industries. By comparison, 5G is in a league of its own. Consumers see 5G as a faster smartphone or internet broadband experience. However, businesses view 5G as a game-changing technology that can help streamline operations while driving new revenue streams.

Fiber Fast, Wireless Flexible

Historically, networks require tradeoffs between flexibility and performance. Wireless connections offer tremendous flexibility but can't match the performance of fiber links. 5G eliminates this tradeoff, providing fiber-fast connections with wireless flexibility to rev up existing applications while enabling new innovative and immersive ones.

  • Fiber-fast Wireless WAN for branch
  • High-speed failover for branch
  • Business internet broadband
  • Industrial 4.0
  • Private 5G
  • Robotic telehealth
  • Computer vision and image recognition
  • AR-enabled expert field service
  • Immersive customer experiences
  • VR-enabled industrial and military training

Rev Up Wireless

Rev up existing and enable new applications

World's First 5G for Business Solution

Available today in Australia on Telstra’s network, the 5G Wideband Adapters are coming to a market near you with support of all 5G bands and flexible deployment options.

Deep Carrier Collaboration

Today’s 5G standard has a few implementation options, some wet paint, and several gaps. To ensure a superior enterprise experience, Cradlepoint works closely with major carriers to test and tune its solutions to their 5G networks.

No 5G Signal, No Problem

Cradlepoint 5G Wideband Adapters utilize the latest 5G chipset technology with LTE/Gigabit-Class LTE fallback built-in. Since both modems are always connected, loss of the 5G signal doesn’t mean loss of the connection.

Strike Up All The Bands

The first Cradlepoint 5G solution to ship will be the W2000 Wideband Adapter, which supports low-to-mid-band 5G (Sub-6). We announced a future W4000 model designed to support high-band 5G (mmWave).

Two Forms Follow Function

Our new 5G Wideband Adapters will come in two forms: an indoor unit (IDU) and outdoor unit (ODU). With these two forms, we can functionally support everything from LTE-like low-band to line-of-sight millimeter wave.

Better Together, Works Apart

The 5G Wideband Adapter is designed to work with any third-party router. When paired with a Cradlepoint 5G-capable router, customers get a fully integrated lifecycle management experience and optimized performance.

Introducing Cradlepoint 5G Wideband Adapters

The world’s first 5G for business solution is now available in Australia and coming to a market near you. At the center of the solution, Cradlepoint 5G Wideband Adapters combine NetCloud Service capabilities with a clean-sheet-of-paper design that address enterprise requirements and the nuances of 5G with the simplicity that you expect from Cradlepoint.

5G routers

NetCloud Service for 5G

Designed for branches that require the flexibility of wireless and the performance of 5G, the Cradlepoint 5G ready adapters and routers usher in a new era of wide-area networking.

pathway tp 5G

Unlike prior cellular generations, 5G is made up of a collection of enhanced technologies, new spectrum, and advanced infrastructure. Although all these elements work together, they will roll out in different ways and at different times. 5G is more of a pathway than an event.

As a result, many organizations will wait until all the elements are completely rolled out and mature before beginning to take advantage. However, they may regret that decisions in a few years, as their competitors rapidly roll out new technologies and applications and gain significant advantages.

Wireless Failover

Wireless Failover

Organizations that require high availability should consider Gigabit-Class LTE failover for small to medium sites. Or, if available, consider 5G for failover at medium to large sites. This step helps build the Wireless WAN expertise that is necessary to use wireless as an active link or to go all wireless.

Bandwidth Augementation

Bandwidth Augmentation (hybrid)

Businesses and organizations that require greater bandwidth and WAN link diversity should consider using Gigabit-Class LTE (or 5G if available) as an active link. As organizations gain greater confidence in Wireless WANs, they can consider cutting the cord entirely.

Primary Wireless

Primary Wireless

In many cases, Gigabit-Class LTE delivers the fast speeds and low latency necessary for organizations to use wireless for their primary and backup links. However, when 5G is available, it will rival fiber speeds while providing tremendous flexibility and operational simplicity.

What is the Pathway to 5G for Businesses and Agencies?

The Pathway to 5G has two lanes: 5G and Gigabit-Class LTE. Gigabit-Class LTE is an important element on the Pathway to 5G. Not only will it share a dual connection with 5G, but it is a significant performance improvement over 4G LTE. Because of this and the fact that it is rolling out faster than 5G, Gigabit-Class LTE will be the starting lane on the Pathway to 5G for a lot of organizations.

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