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Cradlepoint Solutions for Public Sector
Flexible Networks for the Public Sector

The ability of public sector organizations to accomplish their missions depends on reliable connectivity. Now, more than ever, these connections must be mobile, rugged, and secure – but most of all, they must be flexible to enable improved productivity, fleet management, and extended services for service men.

Developing Smart Cities & Communities

With year-to-year funding constantly scrutinized, cities and other public sector organizations are benefiting from increased efficiencies created by wireless networking and Internet of Things (IoT). This white paper explores the benefits of wireless network technologies for public sector organizations.

Wireless Networks for K-12 & Libraries

For schools and libraries, technology and Internet connectivity are no longer supplemental elements, but critical tools to help enhance and personalize learning. This white paper offers guidance on choosing a solution that balances the evolving needs of schools and libraries with the time and budget constraints of the IT department.

Challenge: Rugged networking in challenging environments

Solution: Cloud-managed mission-critical LTE networking

The COR IBR1100 is ideal for in-vehicle and all-terrain networks including police cars, ambulances, mass-transit, and military applications. This solution is engineered to protect against extreme temperatures, humidity, shock, vibrations, dust, splash, and more.

Challenge: Central network management of distributed locations

Solution: Cloud management with Enterprise Cloud Manager

Whether it’s to BYON (Bring Your Own Network) for a peak-selling season, installing an in-store gift card kiosk, pop-up location or new store opening, instant networks using wireless solutions have become a vital part of retail strategy for today's IT departments.

Challenge: Aligning wired lines and store openings

Solution: All-in-one Advanced Edge Routing (AER)

Rapidly deploy and dynamically manage public sector networks at geographically distributed locations or fleets with Cradlepoint’s network management and application platform. Improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance network management with little to no on-site resources.

Challenge: Security that extends to the branch office

Solution: Best-in-breed security solutions from Cradlepoint

Cradlepoint’s suite of cloud-based security products provide the public sector with an integrated, comprehensive way to implement content filtering, application control, and web security—all in an easy to use, easy to deploy solution.

Challenge: Mitigating risks of network downtime

Solution: 4G LTE failover for the public sector

The cost of network downtime is extremely high for the public sector. When mission-critical applications need to be available to run your federal, state, city or local branch office, Cradlepoint solutions provide your location with four-nines (99.99%) network uptime.