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Cradlepoint Solutions for Financial Services
Network Applications for Financial Services

In the financial services industry, network downtime is unacceptable at any level. From cloud computer applications to ATMs, this industry requires always-on network connectivity. But it’s not just connectivity that is at risk, data security, ease-of-management, and network flexibility is also driving WWAN adoptions in the financial services industry.

Solutions for Financial Services

Challenge: Continuous operations. No downtime. No way.

Solution: Wireless network failover for business continuity

For banks and other providers of financial services, Cradlepoint solutions pick up where T1 availability leaves off. In the event of an outage, our solutions bridge the gap with 4G LTE failover. Cradlepoint solutions automatically detect access issues with primary connections and provide 4G LTE network connectivity to avoid service interruptions.

Challenge: Network security

Solution: CP Secure Threat Management

CP Secure Threat Management is a comprehensive intrusion prevention system (IPS) and intrusion detection system (IDS) that defends against evasion attacks, improves network availability and protects sensitive data.

Challenge: Network flexibility for the branch office

Solution: Cut-the-Wire

This Advanced Edge Routing solution combines WAN Diversity, advanced security, private network support, and high-performance WiFi in a platform with certified dual-modem models for primary and failover applications.

Challenge: Big connections, small spaces

Solution: M2M from Cradlepoint for ATM and kiosks

Cradlepoint offers the ideal solution for ATM and kiosks operators: a complete, integrated solution for setting up a reliable, affordable Internet connection instantly. You’ll get the connectivity you need to accept credit cards in an unattended environment, and to do M2M transmissions to and from data centers that maintain critical operating information.